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Im a specialized in designing different 3D&2D models and I working to build a 3D and 2D models of consistent high quality for games developers and designers looking to start a new project. If you need a professional and comprehensive service, or a single project contact me. I am able to establish long-term cooperation.

* If I say "policy" I talking about this "privacy policy". If I say "User or visitor" I talking about the rules for using  the Sites. The rules vary by product and each product makes them separately available and seeks consent to them separately to this policy.

I collect certain personal information about visitors and users !

The most common types of information I collect include things like user-names, Visitor names, email addresses Contact, Support messages like this and other contact details, transactional details, support queries,and web and email analytics data. I will also collect personal information from job applications on the site

It is not necessary to collect them but I can even lay down a quick look at the aid and inquiries that arrive through correspondence and assistance

It is very important to know that the purchases are not within my own site but are spoken through the expert site and the company " More secure "

You choose this for your safety and preservation of your information
I will be able to provide ways to buy from within my site but not currently the purchase will be made from within the site after making some updates will also be updated "privacy policy" when available ways to buy from within the site

Please note some of the important points of the site privacy policy

* It may be difficult to understand but I appreciate the importance even if you do not care and this is my strategy and "privacy policy" where I store user information and Clients In servers and devices that are difficult for others to access in order to keep your information and projects completed with me, and It is necessary to know the data is hidden and no one can see it. Because this matter interests me and the site is more important than anything else and this is one of the priorities of building the site and the public base is the safety and ease of navigation on the site.

Information about children
  • my Sites are not suitable for children under the age of 14 years, so if you are under 14 I ask that you do not use my Sites 
  • please direct your nearest responsible adult to use the Sites for you . 
  • If you are from 14 to 18 years, you can browse the Sites but you’ll need the supervision of a parent or guardian to become a registered user. 
  • It’s the responsibility of parents or guardians to monitor their children’s use of our Sites.
External link and the risk of falling into it
  • No one is allowed to place external links in comments or messages because this exposes you to your "IP Block" from browsing the site again
  • Purchases are made only through the link placed within the subject which includes the safe purchase method 
  • Please read "safety and safety" for browsing and purchasing security
  • If you have seen something strange on the site, please let us know by contacting our support or online chat
  • All the items listed on the site are copyrighted and printed through the purchase site when you purchase the item becomes yours "When you buy any item it becomes your property and is free of copyright for you"
If you need a professional and comprehensive service :
It is important to you know that I am able to establish long-term cooperation and able to complete various projects

* These are some of the guidelines by which services can be requested
  • If you are outside the scope of CG ! you may contact me through the means of communication that I place on the Site or through this email " "
  • When you request a specific project you must provide sufficient details about the project you need
  • Before starting a project you must provide an adequate budget to start your project
  • Receiving Payments: You must send a first payment 60% to start the project and after completing the project send the other payment which is 40% with your email to send the entire project
  • Payment methods available "PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Payeer, Card of Iraq [ Asiacell, Korek, Zain ]
  • If you are inside the scope of CG ! You can invite me for your project on CG with your project details and also provide a budget for the project after reviewing and accepting the invitation. i will be started after the payment to the CG. and will be able to receive the entire project via CG and also complete the payment process
  • Project Support: You will receive full and continuous support for a period of 15 Days. You can request any change to the project, but after the specified period, the support can be renewed $25 for another 15 days.
    Thank you very much for visiting my site, I hope to be easy to navigate and safe purchase if you encounter any problems in the purchase or browsing can send a text message to technical support through the direct chat or contact us at the email address below the site

    Regards to you and I hope you spend good times ❤
    Executive manager

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