Conditions of peace

Welcome to GDLJ LaythJawad "Conditions of peace"

I hope you have read my privacy policy , I put this safety for everyone so that we are safer and more peaceful

Safety conditions
  • Posting links are prohibited in comments on topics " For your safety "
  • Do not try to get the samples free because they are protected and not subject to the site
  • If you encounter any problem on the site such as "browsing or details of projects or in the process of purchase or other things" please contact me through the direct chat or by sending an email
  • Any purchase or agreement will be in the comments I am not responsible for because I put a button to buy projects in the icon dedicated to move and buy projects
  • All projects that are placed in the site are protected in private servers that are not accessible
These are just the conditions of peace and are in order to build a good and safe site for users and partners

Thank you everyone ...