Toothpaste 3D model

Toothpaste is a 3D model that can be used to create the best animations and Rendering, as well as dedicated places to put your textures. What you have to do is just make some changes to the textures to add your textures through Photoshop.

Features of 3D model
  • Highly detailed
  • Fully ready to create rendering images and animations
  • All parts are separate objects
  • All parts have been named
  • Clean and non-overlapping topology Triangles
  • Format files [ C4D, 3DS, DXF, FBX, OBJ, MAX, STL]
  • The 3D model was modeled using Cinema 4D
  • Model is settled to 0,0,0 XYZ Axis
Important Notes [ Support and Help ]
  • If you need other preview pictures from different places can contact me and ask for more preview photos
  • If you have any question about this product or other products contact me
  • If the price is not suitable for you can contact me and discuss the price is no problem
  • When you purchase this product or other product you enjoy full and continuous support
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