How do you create a successful website?

How do you create a successful website?

Creating a successful website requires many stages such as choosing a good site idea and setting clear and measurable goals. In this article, I will explain the stages that your site is going through from choosing the idea to marketing and bringing targeted visitors to increase the conversion rate on your new website.

So if you want to create a successful website that meets your goals, read this article :

1- The idea of your site must be Different "out of the box"

Select the market you would like to compete in. There are many areas where you can start with what you donate and what you want to look for in a new and endless way. Even if you do not have much experience, you can learn and develop what you have learned in your own style on your new site.

Think outside the box and create a new idea in your field. Do not traditionally make a replica of the first search result in Google, but study all your competitors to see their content and local media and inevitably come up with new or aggregated ideas from competitors to come up with a site Internet

You do not have the idea of a specific site if you can see the ideas of others through the following article you will find 100 ideas creative site you can choose from what you want.

You can also bring more ideas through the Keyword Planner tool from Google Just go log in with the Gmail account and go to the link above and click on "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category" What interests us here is Category:

Not only that, but when you select the category you want to create a website to target will show you the most searched words visitors in this particular area and to target the best keywords that fit the field of your site you can see this article.

2- after you have identified the idea of your site you have one step left to start taking the decision to buy a domain and hosting, namely, setting goals:

Setting clear goals for your site will help you define your target audience more precisely, create effective content in your target segment, organize your site, measure how successful your website is.

How to set goals for my site?

Goal setting is quite different from one site to another as the goals of companies differ on the ground, for example the goals of a retailer different from the web designer.

The retailer will focus on selling online only, but the web designer will be interested in displaying his previous works to attract more conversions through the internet.

3- Choosing a domain name:

Choosing a domain name causes confusion for some people so in this section I will give you some elements that will make it easier for you to:

If the domain name of the best keyword in your domain is not available if you place it in the Google Keyword Planner, you will see many words that are closely related to your domain.

* See competitors:
Search Google results for competitors and look at their domain names and you will find new ideas for your domain name.

* Company Name:

If your site is affiliated to a company that actually exists on the ground then it is best to have the name of the company even brand name online as well.

How do I search for a domain?

You can search for the availability of the domain or not through the hosting sites and booking dominaries such as Godaddy site, Host Gator and many more.

Some tips for choosing a domain name:

Domain name must be short
Be easy to memorize and remember
* It has to do with the domain of your site

4- Choose a hosting company

There are many online hosting companies, including Arab and foreign, I did not deal with an Arab company but I dealt with Host Gator and it was good for me there are also other hosting companies

5- Programming and website design

You do not have to learn programming and design until you design your site as you like, you can only use a web design company or a professional who designs a unique and professional website for your future activity on the Internet.

You can use the Wordpress OR Blogger platform the most popular online content management platforms to choose a template that is appropriate for your brand

Programming tips and design of your website:

1. Choose a template related to your domain:

Make sure you choose a template that is relevant to your domain, for example, if your site is an online store that will not fit a template designed for your blogs.

2. Choose a simple template:

The simpler your site is, the more user experience on your site.

3. Compatible with Mobile Friendly:

Mobile Friendly is an update launched by Google recently helps in 
getting sites ready for mobile to climb in the results of mobile search.

4 - Fast  browsing: 

The speed of loading the site has also become a factor in Google ranking for your site in the search results, either on the mobile or computer, so the faster your site, the easier your search results.

5 - Make sure the technical support for the template: 
A software problem is likely to occur on your site in the future so make sure you have technical support that you can communicate with at any time.
After choosing a suitable domain name, a good hosting company, a consistent design and availability of the most important conditions mentioned, the last step remains the electronic marketing of your website.

6- E-Marketing

There are many channels, websites and tools through which you can market your website
1. Search Engine Marketing: 
Site configuration for search engines (SEO): 
The seo is divided into two main parts, the so-called 
* on page seo
off page seo

The most important factors to create the site pages internally on page seo:

Use MetaTrader

Do the main and subtopics in your site articles "H1, H2, H3"
Make your site content exclusive and useful to the reader
Make your content interactive, easily shareable on social networks by providing social media buttons on your site.
Keep away from keyword stuffing "Use a maximum of 2-3 keywords in content"
Avoid duplicate content
Always make sure that your site content is unique and useful to the reader

The most important factors to create the site externally off page seo:

The external configuration of the site is the quality of the backlinks pointing to the site and the local signage

Build backlinks from high-quality sites with a high ethereal domain

Diversification of links
Diversification in pallets
Write exclusive and distinctive content
Get signals

Add your site to Webmaster Tools in Google and make sure to add a Google map to the site to reduce the problems of Google archiving as you can follow your site stats by adding the site to Google Analytics to examine and analyze your visitors completely.

Learning Sources and Follow-up All-New SEO Site Creation for Search Engines SEO:

Advertising on search engines

If you want to get quick results for your site and increase the conversion rate in a record time compared to the site configuration of the search engines you can start advertising immediately to your website through Google Adwords.

You will be able to target the keywords that visitors are searching for your website domain to get targeted visitors, which means increasing the conversion rate for your website.

Only you can first look at the basics of Google Adwords and then start advertising directly.

2- Social Networking Marketing

Is the use of social networking sites to shop for the products or services of your site or your company on the Internet where Facebook contains 1.2 billion users almost contains Google Plus 300 million people while Twitter contains 230 million online users, this means that there are huge numbers on social networks They can be used and targeted through good marketing.

Marketing steps for your site or company across social networks:

1. Locate the Media Media sites where your targeted visitors are located:

By studying competitors and precisely targeting your audience, you will be able to determine the type of social networks that your target visitors have, for example if you are a graphic designer, the best platform is behance.

2. Name of social networking pages:

The name of your social pages must include the brand name of your website or company on the Internet to make it more visible and compelling to your customers.

3. Start with an advertising campaign:

Start a targeted ad campaign for your targeted social network users to attract more fans and increase page engagement

3. Participate regularly:

Share interactive postings that contain news about your site or useful information that your fans care about online.

4. Link social networking pages to your site:

And make it clear in the home page and in the blogging so that visitors to search engines and other sources of admiration or follow up your site through their accounts on social networking sites.

Sources of learning and follow-up of everything new in marketing through social networking sites.
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