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Serving ads via email

Email advertising or email marketing is the practice of promoting a service or product via email. Practically every service and product can be promoted through email, from search engine optimization tools, holiday promotions, even surveys to get people's input on a product. Email advertising is an effective way to multiple your target audience because passing the word on is as simple as hitting "forward." Email marketing is also a great way to drive traffic to your business' website.

The percentage of access to your ad is up to 95% as said by customers who used this service

  • The minimum number of messages is 5,000 advertising messages, equivalent to 50$
  • We send your ads to " GmailYahooHotmailMailOrangeYandex ".
  • We have not set a minimum for ads. You can create an ad with the space you want if it is large or small "open space for your ads"
  • If you want to choose a platform for ads, for example only " Gmail " or " Gmail, Yahoo " or " Mail, Orange, Yandex " or all. as you like
How many messages can I buy?
  • 5.000 = 50$
  • 10.000 = 75$
  • 25.000 = 175$
  • 50.000 = 300$
How can I contact to buy ads
You can buy advertisements by contacting one of the media outlets available below

  • E-mail :
  • WhatsApp : +964 751 390 1722
Also by contacting us you can ask as you like about using the service and how you get ads and how to know my ads

Thank you so much, Kind Regards

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