Renault Lander 4x2

From the GDLJ team
We have previously provided this 3D model. But we have made some modifications to the parts, making the model more smooth and effective with various projects as well as games. We have already experimented with the model in the games and the results of the experiment were ideal and very suitable for games. For customers who have purchased the above form, we will contact them and send them the new 3D model so they can work on it
Let's take a look at the advantages of the model

Features of the 3D model
* Suitable for games: where the model has been tested in some games and works well
Suitable for animations and architectural visualizations
Highly detailed
All parts are separate objects
All parts are named according to the group name
Wheels grouped separately [ As in the preview images ] 
You can remove or modify any part with ease
All parts of truck and materials named properly so you can easily find which material is for which part of the model.
It is very easy to change the color of the material and the body to the color you want
The textures used only for Backlights because all the details are engraved on the objects
Model is settled to 0,0,0 XYZ Axis
The 3D model was modeled using Cinema 4D
Format files [ C4D, 3DS, DXF, FBX, OBJ ]
Details of the 3D model
Polys : 7907
Pins : 14838
Prats : 21

Truck Parts
Polys : 11822
Pins : 21810
Parts : 29

Polys : 142886
Pins : 292744
Parts : 23

One Front Wheel
Polys : 16240
Pins : 29613
Parts : 5

One Back Wheel
Polys : 56819
Pins : 121834
Parts : 4

Total Polys
Polys : 162515
Pins :329392
Parts : 73
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